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12 OCTOBER 2021

women to the computers !

The October OPEN was hosted by Michelle Senn and Céline Nauer from our arch project "Code Excursion - The female coding school". They introduced us to their initiative, which works to bring more diversity into the tech industry.

The future is digital. However, 82% of the digital future is currently created by men. We talked about how more women could be motivated to enter the industry and help shape the digital future. Because we echo the belief of Code Excursion: Everyone can code - and it's never too late to start!

More info: www.x27.ch/bogenprojekte/code-excursion


on Democracy Day

In September, we welcomed Carol Schafroth, Executive Director of the "Campus for Democracy", as a guest at OPEN on the occasion of International Democracy Day (15.9.21). She is a strong advocate for political education and participation in Switzerland.

Further info: www.campusdemokratie.ch

12 august 2021

Paradigm shift in education

In August, we joined forces with our arch project "Funaniland" to look beyond the boundaries of what schools offer. Funaniland wants to bring children closer to occupational profiles and poses the question: "Education for children with the involvement of the private sector - does that belong together?

Friendly hosted by Julia Kempel, Funaniland

12 JUlI 2021

Narrative & Myth of the National Exhibition 2027

In July, we pondered together on high and deep dreams, stories, hopes and doubts in relation to the National Exhibition 2027. Everyone - especially the arch projects - was invited to contribute their own version, their own perspective on this.

Friendly hosted by Oswald H. König Tafur

12 JUNE 2021

MEET THE RIKLINS - Ten Commandments Vol. 2

The brothers Frank and Patrik from Atelier für Sonderaufgaben are in X27 fever. At the OPEN on 12 June, we met the twins in the Space Chat and learned more about how they push their bidding stones from Zurich to Bern in complicity with X27.

Friendly hosted by Frank and Patrik Riklin, Atelier für Sonderaufgaben

10 Commandments vol.2 - Factsheet

12. MAY 2021


X27 proclaims 2027 the "Swiss Year of the Creative Society". We celebrated this X27 milestone rather symbolically, with sparkling fireworks!



On May 12th 2021, the X27 community crossed paths twice: the fourth annual RENDEZ-VOUS met the monthly X27 OPEN. It became a mix of information, entertainment and ample opportunities for exchange. On this day, we proclaimed 2027 the Swiss Year of the Creative Society. Even before the event, we created a space on SpatialChat where people could arrive and exchange ideas with others.

From 11.30 a.m. onwards, things really got going. First the basics: what is X27 and what could the National Exhibition 2027 look like? We caught up on the current status in a half-hour presentation. Immediately afterwards, in the interactive OPEN, we discussed what "diversity" means for the future, how we can promote it and, finally, how we can make X27 itself more diverse. To end the day, we met again on SpartialChat and once more gave the space to exchange, deepen content and network. Whether at the info desk, in the various regional or thematic rooms: in all areas we reflected together on the future of Switzerland.

Project presentation
Live visualisations by Felicitas Hoegger

X27 is an invitation to join in and a stimulating festival without a beginning - but above all without an end. For May 12th we not only combined the fourth annual RENDEZ-VOUS and the X27 OPEN, but also invited the media. So that everyone would know: Future? We want it, we have it, we can shape it!

aargauer Zeitung 12 MayDaily Gazette 12 May

12. April 2021

The bottom-up organisation – voluntary engagement, sociocracy and encouragement of civil society

X27 turns the conventions of a national exhibition upside down: instead of an idea of Switzerland, it is about the Switzerland of ideas. X27 builds on the existing creativity of the Swiss population and brings together people, visions and projects. This month at the X27 OPEN we talked about how such an – unprecedented! – bottom-up experiment is organised and how you can get involved.

Open 12. April

12. March 2021

Decentralisation and the activation of the regions

As the name "OPEN" implies, we have dedicated ourselves to a mission this month: to go beyond the borders of German-speaking Switzerland in the spirit of "opportunities and challenges of diversity". Together we have opened up and created the space to immerse ourselves in the different regions. Because X27 is about networking, exchange and creating something new.

A quote from the 'check-out' sums up the mood well: "Thank you! I'm kind of blown away by the wonderful people here. It's enriching to turn off your head and listen only to your heart."

Open 12 March

12. February 2021

Arch projects and the domain "Movement" introduce themselves

Innovation, pioneering spirit and social commitment – this is what the arch projects stand for. They are projects, initiatives and ideas that are already working on sustainable, concrete and practicable solutions today and are thus building bridges from today into the future. Four arch projects have presented themselves this month. Additionally we put a spotlight on our domain "Movement". They are the coordination point for the arch projects and take care of building and maintaining the X27 community.

The following projects presented themselves:
Lernhaus Sole, Nils Landolt
Step into action, Carla Dossenbach
Sternmarsch nach Bern, collaboratio helvetica, Daniel Gut
Vision Futurae, Markus Mühlbacher
Yamo, Tobias Gunzenschweiler

Open 12. FebruaryTo the arch projects

12. January 2021

Information on the status of the project

With new energy from the beginning of the year, we started the OPEN series. A lunch date of a different kind. At the OPEN, we also put networking very much in the foreground. We started with a short get-to-know-you session in smaller, randomly selected breakout sessions. Then we got down to the basics: What is X27? A national exhibition in 2027? How is X27 organised? Towards the end, we collected words which resonated during the listening session. One such closing sentence was as follows: "It's amazing how at home I feel, even though I know almost no one."

Open 12. january